• Drone Consultant Specialists

What Can A Drone Specialist Do For You

Our consultation services can help you regardless of whether you are planning on implementing drones into your business processes or have already implemented them. Consultation from an experienced specialist can offer outside perspective and understanding on how to optimise strategies and operations efficiently. 


With an understanding of the best practices in drone technology and years of experience, our consultants can not only offer customised solutions to your unique problems but also the proper training and procedures needed to implement new drone technology. 


Our specific knowledge and experience within the drone industry can provide you with insights and the ability to apply them during your transition into drone technology. 

Consulting Services 

  • Training pilots and readying them to complete planned operations
  • Providing specialist knowledge in Drone Technology
  • Creating policies and procedures for compliant and efficient use of drones
  • Offering and developing unique solutions to problems you are facing in your business 

Companies We Have Worked With

Taz Drone Solutions has worked with many different companies providing a unique perspective on Drone Technology and custom solutions across industries. 

Our consultation has enabled businesses to successfully implement drones, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Our Consultation In Action 

Grange Resources
Drone Data Collection

Grange Resources required an effective method of monitoring their open cut pit to ensure the stability of the wall. 

After the consultation, Taz Drones implemented a custom drone solution that allowed Grange Resources to conduct safe and consistent data collection of their mining wall. 

Previous Client Solutions

Huon Aquaculture 

Thermal Imagery

Huon Aquaculture was investigating a more cost-efficient method of checking structural damage to fishnets and potential predators such as seals and birds. 

With our initial consultation, we identified the ability to assist in detecting structural damage utilising thermal imaging cameras with our drones. 

Bird Diverter


Reflective bird diverter equipment has been traditionally attached to power lines via helicopters and cherry pickers. 

After the consultation, we fitted custom attachments to our drones and have proven the feasibility of installation. 


Our custom drone solution has reduced time constraints and the cost associated with labour, equipment hire and planning. 

No-obligation, free consultation

Are you struggling with a problem in your industry? Do you think there might be the possibility a drone could solve your problem?  Want cost-effective solutions with easy to implement procedures and support?

Or just in need of a clear process when transitioning your workforce into drone technology? Call Taz Drone Solutions on 0400 750 981 or book a free no obligation consultation