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Offering New Solutions To Old Problems

Taz Drones Solutions utilises cutting edge technology to manufacture custom built drones and accompanying systems to solve specific problems in your industry. For many years, blanket solutions and software offered to entire industries have made it difficult to achieve feasible scalability and cost efficient methods.

Our custom drone solutions are built to fit seamlessly into business operations and provide feasible, scalable and cost-efficient methods to solve your problems. During the development process, our sole focus is to fit within the needs of your business and tailor end-user support to increase bottom-line efficiency. 

There are many mainstream methods and off-the-shelf technologies available to industries. However, these solutions are usually designed and implemented to service an entire industry or even multiple industries. Following a three step process we can ensure our solution is customised to your specific needs and provide additional options to support implementation. 

Our Process


Taz Drone’s works with you to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the problem you are facing.

Product Development

Research and development begins to create a feasible prototype and appropriate implementation procedures


The final product is delivered with turn-key or Taz Drone Solutions operated options

Solutions We Have Provided

Drone Weed Management - Hydro Tasmania

Working with Hydro Tasmania for two years we designed and built custom drones and accompanying systems to create a world-first solution to the problems previously faced when spraying weeds growing on dam walls and surrounding infrastructure. 

The drone design needed to handle strong winds and be robust enough to handle turbulence caused by the chemicals moving in its tank.  Factoring these requirements into the design we also needed to ensure the drone was spraying outside of the downwash caused by its propellers.  

As our solution was the first of its kind there were no permits or licences for weed management using drones.  Working with the Tasmanian Primary Industries department we proved feasibility and developed compliant policies and procedures to obtain Tasmania's first aerial application of chemicals and swarming accreditation to our Remote Operators certificate.  

Our custom-built drone has successfully weeded areas that were previously left untouched for close to six years after being deemed to dangerous while simultaneously eliminating personal risk, reducing cost and minimising time restraints.

Bird Diverter Drone Installation                   

Reflective bird diverter equipment has traditionally been attached to power lines via helicopters and cherry pickers.  By fitting custom attachments to our drones we have proven the feasibility of installation using our custom drone solution. 

Thermal Image Surveying - Huon Aquaculture

By attaching thermal imaging cameras to our drones we were able to assist in detecting any potential structural damage that may have occurred to fishnets and check for seals by air. 

With accompanying remote inspection technology the inspection specialist was able to control the camera of the drone from his office in Hobart HQ.

Drone Greenhouse Pollination                                                                                 

To assist a local Tasmanian business that was employing traditional pollination methods to their greenhouse crops we developed a custom-built drone to increase efficiency in their pollination methods.  Not only was our custom drone solution feasible but it also proved vastly more efficient and cost-effective than any existing methods available to the business. 

Heavy Lift Drop Drone - Grange Resources 

In cooperation with Grange Resources we designed a custom drone solution to drop heavy objects in high risk areas where workers could not previously access them safely from the ground. 

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