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 A Revolutionary Development in Weed Management  

The effects of weeds have been felt across a range of different industries, organisations and individuals. From Local City Councils, landholders small and large, agriculture industries and land-care organisations.  Areas left unattended due to challenges in terrain and the limitations of the conventional aircraft have allowed weeds to grow and spread seeds across various sections of land. 

These weeds grow faster than crops and reduce crop yield as they compete for light, water and nutrients. Weeds such as pampas grass, Spanish heath, ragwort and thistles also appear in cracks on structures. As the weeds grow, the weakened concrete separates causing more cracks and further damage. 

If left unchecked, weeds can potentially ruin the integrity of important structures such as wells and dams.  In the past, dealing with these issues would take a team of people engaging in high-risk projects involving road closures and risk assessment, driving up the cost and time it takes to deal effectively with weeds in hard to reach places.  The way we deal with weed management is changing and Taz Drones is at the forefront. As Tasmania's first licensed drone weed sprayer, Taz Drones is changing the weed management industry with cost-effective, efficient and safe weed management plans. 

Tasmania’s First Licensed Drone Sprayer Equipped To Deliver 

Where years of testing, development, and global sourcing have been invested to bring you the finest drone technology. Founder Andrew Davies is driven by the goal of addressing local challenges with ground-breaking solutions. Our mission is to provide practical, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective alternatives to the costly and potentially hazardous methods currently in practice.

One pressing issue we've encountered is the contamination of public water bodies by chemicals used in farming. This has prompted the need to minimize chemical usage to the bare essentials. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, we can resolve long-standing problems. Our drones possess the remarkable ability to precisely target weeds, using appropriate chemicals while eliminating wasteful over spraying.

From the very beginning, Taz Drones has formed partnerships with chemical application contractors, ensuring that our commitment to maintaining high standards of chemical use and environmental impact is upheld. Our water-soluble chemicals evaporate before ever reaching the water, activating only upon contact with the target surface. This approach guarantees effective weed control while safeguarding the integrity of water resources.

Minimising Risk, Cost and Time Constraints 

Those ready to adopt this new technology can potentially save thousands with the use of Taz Drone’s services. Conventional methods are expensive, dangerous and time-consuming. You might see a team of up to four people abseiling down dam walls to spray weeds.  A method exposing workers to high amounts of risk with the potential of rocks weighing up to 30kg in size falling from the walls. 

It may even require public roads to be closed to accommodate these operations and workers can spend weeks on the task. For farmers and landholders, the limitations of the conventional aircraft restrict abilities to tend to weeds in challenging terrain. This can lead to weeds spreading onto crop fields and neighbouring farms for the next season. 

If you are dealing with weed management, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our drone service only requires one pilot and a drone to rid problem areas of weeds in just a few days. There is no job too big or small as the use of a piloted drone eliminates the fear of personal injury, high cost of labour and need for risk assessments. 

Drone Weed Management

Assessment and Action

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the problem area, utilizing drones to survey the land and capture detailed images of the weed-infested areas. Based on this assessment, we develop a customized action plan that ensures the most cost-efficient approach to tackling the issue.

Once the plan is in place, our drones take flight, equipped with tanks capable of holding up to 40 litres and fitted with specialized spot spraying nozzles. Our cutting-edge drone spraying technology guarantees exceptional precision, allowing us to apply the optimal amount of herbicide directly to the targeted weeds. This targeted approach eliminates the need for excessive chemical usage typically associated with conventional methods.

At Taz Drones, we cater to a diverse range of weed management projects, serving various clients such as Local City Councils, landholders (both small and large), agriculture industries, and landcare organizations. Our expertise has been recognized through successful partnerships, including our collaboration with Hydro Tasmania, the country's leading clean energy generator, which was prominently featured on ABC.

Choose Taz Drones for effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious weed management solutions.

Why Us?

Taz Drone Solutions has provided tried and tested results to our clients through years of experience and innovation in the weed management sector. The same dedication to our customers has seen Taz Drone’s become the first drone spraying licensed business in Tasmania. 

Our roots are entrenched deeply in the local communities and we strive to continue serving them. We believe that through our dedication, we can severely limit the environmental and economic impact of weed management for those in need of our service. 


First Drone Spraying Accreditation in Tasmania

First Swarming Accreditation In Tasmania 

RPA Operators Certificate ReOC Licence

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Spray Permit

How Our Drones Are Changing The Industry 

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