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Our Vision

Revolutionizing old challenges with cutting-edge drone solutions for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Taz Drone Solutions seeks to solve global problems starting on the local level by creating new solutions to old problems and alleviating environmental and economic concerns in our communities. 

We aim to do this by pushing the boundaries of drone technology to provide a safe and sustainable future for mankind. 

Whether it is eliminating risk in previously dangerous tasks, reducing environmental impact or adding a level of efficiency to existing operations. 

Nothing is impossible with the right amount of knowledge, passion and hard work. 

Our Values

Taz Drone Solutions upholds its core values of trust, innovation, constant learning and environmental consciousness.

These values guide each business decision to ethically solve global problems starting first with our local communities. 

About Us

Taz Drone Solutions was founded in 2017 by a former mining employee who wanted to change the way industries and businesses approach problems by using innovative drone technology available in today's market. 

Utilising custom drone technology, Taz Drones Solutions has proven capability in creating sustainable and efficient solutions to problems facing everyday people across various industries. 

Most notably, founder Andrew Davies has become the first accredited drone sprayer in Tasmania with his custom drone solutions in weed management. 

Our work thus far has greatly reduced the impact of personal risk to workers and the environment. In addition to these benefits, our solutions have proven cost-effective requiring only custom built drones and their pilots. 

It is our belief that the sooner mankind can implement solutions to the problems we are facing on local and global levels, the better off our communities, the environment and society as a whole will be. 

All of our drones adhere to all required safety standards and are built in Australia with ethically sourced parts. By keeping our design and manufacturing process within Australia, Taz Drones Solutions hopes to build job growth and give back to our communities as the business expands

Why choose Taz Drone Solutions?

Taz Drone Solutions has provided tried and tested results to our clients through years of experience and innovation in drone technology. The same dedication to our customers has seen Taz Drone’s become the first drone spraying licensed business in Tasmania and work a large number of highly respected Tasmanian organisations. 

Our roots are entrenched deeply in the local communities and we strive to continue serving them. We believe that through our dedication, we can severely reduce the environmental and economic impact of many operations occurring in a wide range of industries. 


  • Tasmanian STEM Excellence Finalist 2019
  • Department of Education Learners First Recognition for Supplying Student Internships 
  • AAUS Industry Champion Next Generation Achievement Award Finalist 2020 


Wonderful feedback from our community

Words from the founder

From the days of Taz Drone’s conception, working from a home office, to the present day, we are changing the way industries approach unique problems. 

Our business has never faltered from its vision to aid the human race in its transition into and through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

With our core values of trust, innovation, inquisitiveness and environmental consciousness guiding our moral compass, I truly believe we can continue to ethically solve global problems - starting with our local communities. 

Andrew Davies -- CEO and Founder